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Monday, October 31, 2005

Teapot Island Open day

Gary Seymour [teapot maker] and Sue Blazye [teapot Museum owner] had an Open day and Timothy Spall was there to officially open and hand over the money raised from the 10 feet high teapot to the Kent Air Ambulance Association.
[thanks to Gill and John Martin for the photograph]

Carol Gentithes teapots

Carol Gentithes teapots
More details

Boiled Egg teapot by Andy TItcomb

This Boiled Egg teapot of mine was retired some years ago someone has just sold it on Ebay for £63.22

Sunday, October 30, 2005

MINTON "Vulture and Serpent"

MINTON "Vulture and Serpent" rare form figural teapot,designed by Colonel Henry Hope Crealock, 1874, also referenced in "Minton The First Two Hundred Years of Design and Production" by Joan Jones, on page 152, professional repair to snake handle of teapot, otherwise in excellent condition, 9"h recently sold on Ebay for $62,500.00

Karakuri: Tea Server

An example of Japan’s first robot is the fascinating Karakuri: Tea Server, designed almost four centuries ago and today remains a remarkable example of Japan’s keen sense of robotics. What does it do? This Kabuki-styled doll approaches surprised guests with a full teacup on a tray; it stops walking when the teacup is taken, waits quietly, bows, then slowly turns around, smoothly scooting away with the empty teacup on its tray...
This kit is made of computer designed precision modern materials, but is as close to the original design as possible.
The driving force of the original tea-carrying doll came from a spring made of whale whiskers (actually whale teeth).
All the other components, such as its gears, body and escapement for speed adjustments, were made of wood. How does it work? When a tea cup is placed on the tray, the stopper is released by the whale spring attached to the doll’s arms; the spring forces the stopper to engage again when the cup is lifted from the tray.

More details

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Constance Roberts teapot treasures

"Russian Tea" by Constance Roberts.
For this thoughtful, intricate work, the artist was inspired by the Russian icons she collects, as
well as the Russian history and literature she studied in college.

"I wanted to make something that required a bit more thought but also retained a bit of whimsy," said Roberts, in a conversation from her Iowa City home she shares with her husband, Michael, also an artist.
The Russian teapot is a glorious little creation. Painted icons cover both sides, with the handle and spout representing the Russian hammer and sickle. A group of sturdy Russian peasants support the bottom of the teapot. On top sits a replica of St. Basil's, the iconic structure in Moscow's Red Square.
The "secret treasures" of this work are small wooden teabags painted with replicas of 11 famous Russians. Attached to each of these with a string is a "charm" that represents their time in history.
For instance, one wooden teabag features Ivan the Terrible with St. Basil's in the background, attached to it is a traditional
Cossack figurine. Others feature Czar Nicholas II and Alexandra with Rasputin standing behind them, attached to it is a Faberge egg; Kruschev banging his shoe is attached to a missile and Boris Yeltsin with a tank behind him is attached to a vodka bottle and spilled drink.
Original article.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Teapots Group portrait

Group potrait
Originally uploaded by dejahthoris.

Group shot of Dejahthoris's teapots in October 2005.

Carrying lots of teapots

Carrying lots of teapots
original web page

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fu Giant Teapot

Fu Giant Teapot
Originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

That is Spring water pouring out from the teapot.The best type of water to brew Fujian ( T-Guan Yin or OO-Long ) Teas from that plantation

Tea Pot With Chinese symbol for Wealth

Cray Tea Pot With Wealth
Originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Giant teapot on top of building near a tea-plantation in China

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

majolica teapot collection

Richard Dennis a featured speaker and the owner of this great majolica teapot collection spoke on "English Decorative Arts".
More details

embroidering the revolution

embroidering the revolution
Originally uploaded by io2.

Bluebird Big Yellow Teapot

“It's big and it's yellow, but there's no tea in it"
Bluebird was founded on two very solid principles. Small girls
like doll's houses. Small girls also like plastic tea sets for
serving cups of invisible tea to their dollies. Then someone fell
into a filing cabinet at the office Christmas party and came up
with the bizarre idea of crossbreeding the two. Yes, this was a
doll's house, but made of yellow plastic and shaped like a huge
teapot. Why was this? No reason was ever given. See the full article here

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Teapot Greeting Cards

Embossed Small Teapot Greeting Cards
More details

Friday, October 21, 2005

Teapot Scramble Squares

Teapot Scramble Squares
More details

Tapestry teapots

Tapestry teapots
more details

Gary Seymour's Collector's Club Open Day

Gary's Collector's Club Open Day will take place tomorrow on Saturday 22 October, which is the day after Trafalgar Day. Gary will unveil an event piece on the day that he hopes will catch the eye !
More news here?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by bowb.

Bowb says..."I bought this teapot foolishly and impulsively, while strolling through the surry hills markets several years ago. foolish only because at the time I had about $50 in my wallet, and the teapot was $40... and I hardly ever use it."
It's the kind of teapot which dribbles half the tea down the spout when you tip it over and pour it out, but it makes me smile when i catch its eye.
The tea cannister on the left with the happy buddhist monk on it originally contained four little mooncakes. now it contains chrysanthemum-jasmin tea, hurrah!

Dancing Teapots by Gaeleen Morley

Gaeleen Morley is from New Zealand
Her lively Dancing Teapots are often created in playful pairs, establishing a dynamic,
eloquent composition with a strong negative space between them. The relationships between pairs could be perceived as unequal but balanced – about the dominant and the submissive.
Visit Gaeleen's website

Teapot scarf made by Deboah Frazier

Custom Design - Teapot scarf made by Deboah Frazier silk designs
8" x 54" habotai silk
visit her website

virtual teapots!

3dinferno virtual teapots!
more details

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar

Now celebrating its eleventh strong year, The Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar is a year of lovely interludes filled with charm and ritual, and features cherished teapots in evocative tea-time settings. A rosebedecked Nippon tea set circa 1891. A rare WWII “Freedom and Democracy” teapot. An art deco Royal Doulton pot with hydrangeas. The teapots, culled from private collections, museums, and tea company archives, have been photographed by Martin Brigdale. Accompanying each is informative text by collector and connoisseur Joni Miller.
Buy it here

OKT41 racing car teapot

James Sadler and Sons
1934, Earthenware, transfer-printed and hand-painted racing car teapot Lent by Beverley
more details

Limited Edition 'POND LIFE' Teapot by Cardew Design

This was accompanied by a full-colour booklet of hand-drawn cartoons on hand-made paper and was signed by Paul Cardew, Peter Kirvan and one of the designers.
'Pond Life' was a worldwide Limited Edition of 56 pieces, available only to Cardew Collectors' Club members.
The circular sculpture was based around a pond and rushes, and featured a leaping rainbow trout, a dragonfly, three snails and a frog. Suzy Floozy and her brood snuggle neatly into the space allotted to her, to the left of the trout.
This one sold recently on ebay for £350.
Cardew Club

Merry go round teapot and teacup

I am a tea pot....
Originally uploaded by barnali.

Merry go round Berkeley Spice of Life Festival.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

King of Prussia teapot


Tea Ahoy!

Tea Ahoy! Teapot made by Leslie Hills
More details

Teapot postcard

This postcard dates from the 1980's the teapot in the bottom right hand corner is one of mine that I made for a french company called Utopia.

Mad Tea Party by Arthur Rackham

“Mad Tea Party” Fine Art Print
by Arthur Rackham
16 x 20 inches


Alice enjoys a spot of tea with Wonderland's Mad Hatter in this colorful reproduction on canvas of an original painting created during the development of The Art of Disney: Celebration, the second of three Disney-themed stamp panes to be offered by the United States Postal Service.
Introduced June 30, 2005, in a special first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony at
Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the Alice-and-Mad Hatter panel is one of four
designs presented in the stamp pane, which depicts classic Disney characters celebrating good times together.
SIZE: approx. 24" x 30.5" x 0.5"

Monday, October 17, 2005

Beautiful tea pot quilt

Close up of a beautiful tea pot quilt! 15 tea pots in all. All tea pots were embroidered then appliqued onto the quilt. Quilt measures 44 1/2 x 64 1/2.Quilt is hand signed and embroidered and will I believe be on display at the Sparta Teapot Museum when it opens.

Log Teapot Ah Leon, 1999

The science of a good pouring teapot!
"The position of the handle being fixed on, draw a line through the centre of gravity of the vessel. The spout must now be at right angles to this line.
If this be the case the vessel will pour freely, while the handle is just hung upon the thumb or finger of the person desiring to pour from it, passing through the centre of gravity, is at right angles, as it should be, with the straight line passing through the spout."

teapots and shadows

teapots and shadows
Originally uploaded by amyvdh.

teapots and shadows of the tea cup and glasses on the rack above

Sunday, October 16, 2005

BIG teapot and cups!

Originally uploaded by whfagley.

This is Simona in a really big tea cup in Camden, New Jersey USA

Tea pots

Tea pots
Originally uploaded by Silver Bromide.

Antique teapots for sale in the monthly Toji market in Kyoto, Japan

Tea time in Broadway

So british...
Originally uploaded by Lylla Lausanne.

Tea time in Broadway, England.

Shanghai "Old City" teapot

Shanghai "Old City" teapot
original page

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Asparoke Teapot

Elisa Stalker Stone/Asparoke Teapot 22 x 10 clay,
horse hair & pheasant feathers.

Teapot Sculpture from the Harries/Heder Collection

Artist: Harries/Heder
Title: Teapot
Media: Steel, Concrete, solar lighting,
special plantings
Size: 14' x 7'
original article

Friday, October 14, 2005

Child's teapot

Here is a photo of the teapot from the child's teaset can anyone help identify the maker and estimate it's value?

Mystery child's teaset

Can anyone help Martha identify the maker of this childs teaset.
It has no markings on the bottom.
It was in her grandparents attic in East Concord,
New Hampshire. Her father's family's roots are traceable to the New England
area and have family names such as: Locke, Chamberlin, Bachelder, Hutchins, Webster, Annable.
Her father was told that it might have been made in Liverpool England?

Feline Masquerade Teapot

Feline Masquerade Teapot
Beautiful new teapot made by Katy Rush
10 x 6 x 5 in.
More details

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dormouse teapot by Andy Titcomb.

Dormouse teapot by Andy Titcomb.
This is number 12 of a limited edition of only 15
designed, made and decorated by me...
Andy Titcomb in my North Cornwall studio England.
Each teapot is different this one is decorated in underglaze colours and a pink glaze with real gold lustre spots.
It measures 7.5 inches high.
It is signed dated [2005] and numbered in gold lustre.
Price £95 plus £4.50 shipping
Buy it here

Typhoo tea bought by Indian firm

Typhoo tea has been sold to India's Apeejay Surrendra Group for £80m ($140m) by its UK owner Premier Foods.
The deal will see Apeejay buy Premier's entire tea business, which also includes the London Fruit & Herb, Lift and QT brands.
Premier's tea blending and packing unit at Moreton, Wirral, which employs 249 people, is also included in the deal.
Typhoo - which was launched in 1903 - is the third-biggest tea brand in Britain, behind PG Tips and Tetley.
Premier Foods sells 23 million packets of Typhoo each year. The company said it would use the money from the sale to cut debts.
Original article

The Thrums End Teapot Collection

Polly M. Law is the owner of the Thrums End Collection, it is made up mostly of English pots from the 20's-50's; pots made in Japan for the export market again in the 20's-50's; some miscellaneous European styles; and afew handmade pots that are amazing examples of enthusiasm over skill or taste.

Visit Polly's website

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pilgrim hall teapot

Material : Tin-glazed earthenware.
Made in the pottery of Adrianus Kocks, Delft, Holland, 1686-1701.
When the Howland family of Plymouth began using this teapot around 1690, tea was a new beverage in the colonies! The design and form of the teapot imitate popular blue and white porcelain, imported from China.
Original article

Imperial Tea

Imperial Tea
Originally uploaded by chasing parades.

The Imperial Tea Room in San Francisco.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

teapot with frog lid

Originally uploaded by simon_chen.

Lovely frog teapot from Simon Chen's collection

teapot website back up again!

I have moved my teapot website to a much larger location take a look here


My teapot website has been taken down by Tiscali...too many visitors and I have exceeded my bandwith...grrrrrrr....hope to be back soon!

The BOING BOING effect!!!

Boing Boing kindly mentioned my teapots and look at the resulting increase in vistors to my site!!!!! from about 50 visitors a day to 2,217!!!

Tea Posur

here's alovely blog on tea...
Exploring the tea world
Tea Posur
Location:West Valley, Utah, United States
It's owner says She's smart, cute, interesting, talented, and kind of girl!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Best of show teapot made by Larry Elliott

best of show 2. this is clay!
Originally uploaded by independentman.

This is another ceramic "teapot" that artist Larry Elliott made. It recently took first place at the Michigan Collegiate Competition held at the Michigan Ceramic Arts Conference at Albion College.

Rusty teapot made by Larry Elliott

rusty tea pot series: larry elliott
Originally uploaded by independentman.

This is one of an innovative series of tea pots created by Larry Elliott. Although the pots appear to be constructed of rusty metal, infact it is clay treated with a glaze and kiln process known only to the artist.