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Monday, October 10, 2005

Best of show teapot made by Larry Elliott

best of show 2. this is clay!
Originally uploaded by independentman.

This is another ceramic "teapot" that artist Larry Elliott made. It recently took first place at the Michigan Collegiate Competition held at the Michigan Ceramic Arts Conference at Albion College.


Anonymous Brown Betty said...

Hello, what a lovely blog! I certainly mean to stop by here often. I wanted to leave the comment here to be certain you got it. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that by "design flaw," I simply meant I couldn't see how the tea could steep in the pot, in the orientation shown.

Since I am speaking to the artist, I would like to admit to a particular fondness for you amphibious and reptilian teapots. there's something so ridiculous about a cold blooded creature carrying hot tea about.

1:24 am  
Blogger Andy Titcomb said...

Thank you for your kind comments...the boy teapot is shown in "pouring" mode and can of course sit down to be filled and steep...All good wishes

7:52 am  

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