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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Originally uploaded by bowb.

Bowb says..."I bought this teapot foolishly and impulsively, while strolling through the surry hills markets several years ago. foolish only because at the time I had about $50 in my wallet, and the teapot was $40... and I hardly ever use it."
It's the kind of teapot which dribbles half the tea down the spout when you tip it over and pour it out, but it makes me smile when i catch its eye.
The tea cannister on the left with the happy buddhist monk on it originally contained four little mooncakes. now it contains chrysanthemum-jasmin tea, hurrah!


Blogger Miss F said...

how absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love ....!!!!!!!!!!!

4:00 pm  

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