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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gandalf's Teapot

Gandalf's Teapot
Hand Built Ceramic by David Wilde
Currently on eBay with a "buy it now" price of US $12,000.00 !!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This rare orange teapot made by Wedgwood in 1765 and decorated with messages "Success to Trade in America" and "No Stamp Act" was sold at auction in Derby for £69,000.
Auctioneer Charles Hanson said: "Something like this is maybe a once-in-a-lifetime experience for an auctioneer.
"In all my years I can honestly say I have never been so excited. It's an amazing story.
"The reserve price had been set at £4,000 and I didn't really expect it to sell for much more than £5,000.
"The price kept going higher and higher and there just did not seem to be any letting up.
"When the final price reached £69,000, the whole crowd applauded."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tea Memories: Living Life One Cup at a Time

A new anthology, "Tea Memories: Living Life One Cup at a
Time," is in need of your original, non-fiction essays.
* Have you "taken tea" in a unique place or under unusual
* Do you have a story about sharing tea with someone special in
your life?
* Have you made an important decision over a cup of tea?
Whether humorous or touching, serious or inspiring, your stories of events, experiences, and transformational moments are welcomed.
The most important criteria are that the stories be true and that tea plays a role in your essay.
Published and unpublished authors of all ages are encouraged to
submit essays for consideration. The best essays will be selected for inclusion in the "Tea Memories" anthology.
For more information and submission guidelines please visit:
Or e-mail:

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Teapot Show

Humboldt State University
The Teapot Show offers our ceramics students an opportunity to show how they interpret the idea of 'teapot,'” said ceramics instructor Keith Schneider. “The teapot form offers functional and abstract potters a design challenge. Where the handle is placed on a teapot, what the handle is made from -- clay, wood, metal, bamboo -- as well as handle size and proportional relationships, placement of spout, type and shape of lid, and decoration and glaze provide never-ending opportunities for invention and change.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

1765 "No Stamp Act" Teapot

A rare teapot of political significance in the 18th century is expected to attract bids of around £2,000 with a Lichfield auctioneer.
The five-inch tall teapot, thought to have been made around 1765 by Josiah Wedgwood, was found in a home in Little Aston and is being sold by Charles Hanson on April 15.
It is marked “Success to Trade in America” and “No Stamp Act” – a political stance against tax imposed on the colonies by Britain because it was £800 million in debt following war in Europe.
The tax and its unpopularity set in motion protests which led to the American Revolution of 1776.
Call Hansons on 01283 733988 for more information.
Full article

Flying Saucer Teapot

This Flying Saucer Teapot by Dwo Wen Chen was wheel thrown and hand built. The glazes were applied by brush.
Dimensions: 6.0in H x 7.5in W x 9.5in L x 5.0in D
Dwo-Wen Chen describes his work as "undisciplined and whimsical." Born and raised in Taiwan, educated at RISD, the artist has worked in his studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for the past 12 years and incorporates both traditional and modern influences into his clay work and glazing techniques.

World Kitchen Tea Off competition

Winner of the 2009 World Kitchen Tea Off competition Vessel Ideation's one teakettle is a single vessel "designed with both boiling and serving in mind". Once filled with water and placed over the stove to heat, the graphics on the kettle's side slowly appear. Once they fully appear the tea is ready.