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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ode to the teapot

There is something momentous about a teapot. In the harried business of 21st-century living, it is, in a way, a monument to time, or rather taking time — say, tea time.
A brewed pot of Irish breakfast or Darjeeling is an occasion for a more leisurely chat with friends or a spouse. It eschews the cardboard cup and plastic lid that is an icon of life on the go.
No, a teapot says, "Sit down, dear. Relax. How are you? Cream? Sugar? Lemon, perhaps?" Conversation set to the meter of a stirring spoon on porcelain seems to be of more import than espresso-wired chats over cups-to-go.
Don't get me wrong. I must have my coffee every morning, copious ounces of it. But it is efficiently harvested from a sleek black and chrome thermal contraption that does everything but grind the beans and find my car keys. It even turns itself on. There is no ceremony.
My collection of teapots stowed in the china hutch too often are neglected. I release the shamrock-festooned Belleek to celebrate those rare Sunday afternoons when minutes seem to pass more slowly. When my best girlfriends stop by, I liberate Cardew's whimsical Alice-in-Wonderland pot because I want the minutes to last longer.
It is those moments, the bites of time demanded by the teapot, that no doubt have inspired artists to use this utilitarian time machine as a medium, a venue for social commentary or expressions of whimsy.
At the Bellevue Arts Museum through Oct. 2, "The Artful Teapot: 20th Century Expression from the Kamm Collection" is a celebration of the genre.
The cream of Gloria and Sonny Kamm's 7,500-item collection is a serious testimonial to the take-notice powers of the teapot. These 250 creations of porcelain and other materials comment on everything from nuclear power to Oscar Wilde's bisexuality.
Museum-goers on the opening weekend were treated to a lecture by the Kamms on their collection. Their enthusiasm and sophisticated devotion to the genre is contagious. And, by the way, they say the Bellevue Arts Museum has pulled off a better exhibition than any of the collection's previous six venues.
Teapot lovers should check out the exhibit and give a few moments back to the teapot.
— Kate Riley
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Friday, June 24, 2005


cafe at yokohama china town

Originally uploaded by Sachiho.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

padlock "securitea" teapot

padlock "securitea" teapot
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Limited edition of 55 at £ 55 each for more details please visit my website

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dad teapot!

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

On fathers day what could be more appropriate than a "Dad" teapot from Roger Michell
For more details please click here

Saturday, June 18, 2005

T6 Teapot Designers Rally

T6 Teapot Designers Rally
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Tony Carter, Andy Titcomb, Paul Cardew, Gary Seymour, Jane Jeal, Lionel Bailey with their favourite teapots on June 11th
This photograph is the copyright of Steve Pope to order a copy please [click here]

Monday, June 13, 2005

Andy Nobeard

Andy Nobeard
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

and then it was gone!

Andy Titcomb teapots

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Andy Titcomb's display of teapots at the Teapot Designer Rally "T6"

Andy and Karen

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Re-united! Andy Titcomb and karen Cardew

Head chef cardew

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Paul feeding the 5000!!


Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Cardew teapots


Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

The Teapottery's display of teapots at the Teapot Designer's Rally

Lorna Bailey teapots

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Lorna Bailey's display of teapots at the Teapot Designer's Rally

Fairy Infusion

Fairy Infusion
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fairy Infusion

Fairy Infusion
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

The new teapot from Paul Cardew "Fairy Infusion" limited edition of 99 at £199.99 each... unveiled at the Teapot Designer Rally "T6" on 11th June at Bovey Tracey Devon

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Elephant teapot

elephant teapot
Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

This teapot was made by Andy Titcomb specially for the "Teapot Designer Rally" at Bovey Tracey Devon UK it will be auctioned on 11th June. For more details of the event please visit

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mrs Polar Bear teapot

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Here is a picture of Mrs Polar Bear a limited edition of 5 teapots
made by me Andy Titcomb specially for the Teapot Designer Rally 11th June 2005 Bovey Tracey Devon UK

Mr Polar Bear teapot

Originally uploaded by Andy Titcomb.

Here is a picture of Mr Polar Bear a limited edition of 5 teapots
made specially for the Teapot Designer Rally 11th June 2005 Bovey Tracey Devon Uk

Neil Gaiman's blog is to blame!!!!

Since this appeared in Neil Gaiman's blog I've had more than 3000 hits in 10 hours ISP have taken my teapot website down for a while to give it a rest or something?... I hope to get it back again soon!

.and when someone writes and says his Dad makes interesting teapots I sort of click on the link with an eyebrow raised and then it turns out that they really are some of the most interesting teapots I've ever seen,


Hello Neil
It occurred to me after reading your latest journal post on tea, that you'd probably be needing a teapot (well actually I assumed you already had one, but probably not like these) My dad makes interesting teapots and I thought some of them might appeal to you... have a look at: click on the Current Range page for....well .... the Current Range.
All the best Jago

My website is down!!!
Too many of you are visiting my website so I have exceeded my 650 mb bandwidth in 24 hours restriction! :¬( ~
Hope to be back soon!

Special polar bear teapots

I have just made [especially for the Teapot Designer Rally] a limited run of 5 of each Polar Bear teapot which retired nearly 10 years ago they have extra special clothes and detail.... some very revealing! Mr bear has aquired a rather fetching grey goatee beard, bow tie and earing, his shorts display the locations of the main teapot makers. Mrs Polar bear is rather risque in her peep hole bra and painted toenails I can't tell you who this is based on!! The moulds have now been there will be no more Polar Bear teapots made EVER! These are available now for £125 each plus P&P or you can collect them on the day.

Teapot Designer Rally Saturday June 11th

A very special day planned featuring Paul Cardew, Tony Carter (and Anita), Lionel Bailey (Lorna has just had a baby so cannot join us this time), The Teapottery (Jane and Ian Jeal), Andy Titcomb and Gary Seymour.

Each of these great teapot designers will be showing off their skills, revealing a few special teapot treats and engaging with you about our mutual favourite subject.

Thought you might value a quick reprise of what’s in store on the day.

Doors open at 10.00 a.m. (Saturday June 11th) with the traditional warm welcome at the “signing in” when we will give you a precise program of the day’s events and award you our free and exclusive “pin” to commemorate the occasion.

Each designer will have their own display area, where they will be showing off their very latest designs, special prototypes, and exclusive June 11th 2005 limited editions, plus having a jolly good chat.

there will be at least one “signing” session involving all the designers to get your new acquisitions immortalised and indeed any other pots you want to bring along on the day.

Karen and her restaurant staff are of course going to perform their normal miracles in the kitchen including a delicious lunch, which hopefully can be taken on our sundeck with our traditional musical accompaniment.

Post lunch, there will be an auction, which will exclusively feature very special prototypes from all five designers (three from each).

There will also be a pottery demonstration in ther new ceramic studio with new Studio Potter – Mansour Eskandary. “Mans” will be holding a special “who can throw the tallest pot” competition during the day and also exhibiting some special Cardew / Eskandary joint creations in Raku that might prove irresistible.

- Finally, the day will wind up with a free “draw” (tickets handed to you on arrival) that will have some truly stunning prizes.

No doubt there will be more to add on the day, but hopefully you have found the program irresistible already!

One last important point!

There will be a special “Designers’ Barbecue” on Friday evening (June 10th) starting at 7.00 p.m. Entertaining all the designer teams and hoping that as many as possible of you might join us? The cost will be just £10.00 per head including food and drinks and should be a great way of launching the whole weekend.

If you can make this, please let Sharon know at

Other than that, we very much look forward to seeing you all on this unique occasion!
For more details please visit...Paul's site