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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Neil Gaiman's blog is to blame!!!!

Since this appeared in Neil Gaiman's blog I've had more than 3000 hits in 10 hours ISP have taken my teapot website down for a while to give it a rest or something?... I hope to get it back again soon!

.and when someone writes and says his Dad makes interesting teapots I sort of click on the link with an eyebrow raised and then it turns out that they really are some of the most interesting teapots I've ever seen,


Hello Neil
It occurred to me after reading your latest journal post on tea, that you'd probably be needing a teapot (well actually I assumed you already had one, but probably not like these) My dad makes interesting teapots and I thought some of them might appeal to you... have a look at: click on the Current Range page for....well .... the Current Range.
All the best Jago


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