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Monday, October 17, 2005

Beautiful tea pot quilt

Close up of a beautiful tea pot quilt! 15 tea pots in all. All tea pots were embroidered then appliqued onto the quilt. Quilt measures 44 1/2 x 64 1/2.Quilt is hand signed and embroidered and will I believe be on display at the Sparta Teapot Museum when it opens.


Blogger Honey Bee said...

I don't know if this Blog is still current, this post if two and a half years old. I felt compelled to comment and tell you I am making an Alice in Wonderland quilt and have absolutely falling in love with your teapot quilt. I will probably find someway to make teapots on the back of mine. Altho they might not be as lovely as your's. Thanks for the inspiration.

1:24 am  

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