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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Constance Roberts teapot treasures

"Russian Tea" by Constance Roberts.
For this thoughtful, intricate work, the artist was inspired by the Russian icons she collects, as
well as the Russian history and literature she studied in college.

"I wanted to make something that required a bit more thought but also retained a bit of whimsy," said Roberts, in a conversation from her Iowa City home she shares with her husband, Michael, also an artist.
The Russian teapot is a glorious little creation. Painted icons cover both sides, with the handle and spout representing the Russian hammer and sickle. A group of sturdy Russian peasants support the bottom of the teapot. On top sits a replica of St. Basil's, the iconic structure in Moscow's Red Square.
The "secret treasures" of this work are small wooden teabags painted with replicas of 11 famous Russians. Attached to each of these with a string is a "charm" that represents their time in history.
For instance, one wooden teabag features Ivan the Terrible with St. Basil's in the background, attached to it is a traditional
Cossack figurine. Others feature Czar Nicholas II and Alexandra with Rasputin standing behind them, attached to it is a Faberge egg; Kruschev banging his shoe is attached to a missile and Boris Yeltsin with a tank behind him is attached to a vodka bottle and spilled drink.
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