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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dolly Dimples

"Dolly Dimples" by Alice Simpson is one of 100 teapots on exhibit at Baltimore Clayworks in Mt. Washington until February 25th. This particular teapot tells the story of a woman who loved to eat.
"I love food and can't always eat as much as I'd like," Simpson said. "(The teapot) deals with my issues of eating and dieting and my friends' issues."
Dolly Dimples headlined a freakshow act billed "The World's Prettiest Fat Girl" in the early 20th century. In the Great Depression, when many Americans struggled to put food on the table, Dolly weighed 555 pounds and boasted a 68-inch waist, 84-inch hips and a 74- inch bust in her prime. She was barely five feet tall.
The dimples in her elbows -- hence her stage name -- were one inch deep. Dolly ate four to eight eggs, one half a pound of bacon, ice cream, a loaf of bread and cafe au lait for breakfast, Simpson said in a note accompanying her teapot.
Simpson covered one side of her teapot with a painting of Dolly in a flimsy pink dress grinning coyly while lifting her skirt. Underneath is written, "Eating was her joy, the defining passion of her life."

Full article by TAYA FLORES Capital News Service



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Loved this post about my Dolly Dimples teapot. Have linked to your site and invite you to see my website for more Abundant Beauties. Just Google Alice Simpson.

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