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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chef's Teapot Collection.

By Chef at Home cooking
"I drink tea every morning. At an early hour, efficiency comes first. So I pad into my kitchen and push the button on a new Fillips hot pot to boil water. Spoon tea leaves into a little brewing ball (when I’m too lazy I use tea bags), drop the ball into my cup filled with boiling water and my tea is ready to drink. Fast and efficient. But when I have time to spare or to entertain my guests I brew my tea in teapots from my little collection. I value my teapots not only for their function of brewing tea, but because they are sculptural artwork. I love standing in front of the shelf, comparing the contrasting shapes, watching the play of light on the varied surfaces. As art, they lighten up my day. Which teapot I choose depends on the occasion and my mood. Each has its own story. I like to brew lavender relaxing tea in seashell form or in elephant form teapot from the red Chinese clay , black tea in English porcelain teapot and my favourite tea with milk in glass Bodum teapot. My children adore fruit tea brewed in teapots from low shelf."



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