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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ethel Frattaroli's Collection

Ethel Frattaroli has a collection of nearly 5,000 teapots in Newton, Boston, Massachusetts
The collection ranges from traditional English teapots to novelty pieces.
The attic display is the encore to a show that begins the moment you enter the house through the kitchen, where a wall clock features teapots for numbers.
Despite a bit of osteoporosis, the 4-foot-11 -inch strawberry blonde scurries about to show off her collection.
Teapots fill the dining-room shelves and sprawl across the table. Frattaroli received 30 for Christmas, each of which she recorded in a special book. She said she is just 19 short of 5,000.
In the small foyer is a cabinet with five shelves, all filled with teapots. It was built by Frattaroli's sister, a carpenter who constructed cabinets and shelves throughout the house to accommodate the collection.
More teapots line two long shelves that stretch down the first-floor hallway.
"You can't be fat if you want to fit through here!" Frattaroli joked.
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