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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sparta Teapot Museum

Organizers of the Sparta Teapot Museum say they are scaling back the project that would house a Los Angeles millionaire’s unusual teapot collection.
The museum was intended to draw tourism - and money - to this small town near the Blue Ridge Parkway, but organizers say now that the region cannot support what was initially proposed.
"Of course, our first plan was a wonderful dream. It was an absolute dream museum. The problem was we just couldn’t afford our dream," said Sandy Carter Herndon, a member of the museum’s board of directors.
The board decided earlier this month to reduce the size of the building by more than half, cutting the cost from $14 million to an estimated $6 million.
The move could jeopardize an arrangement to permanently display Sonny Kamm’s more than 7,000 eclectic teapots - a collection considered to be the largest of its kind in the world.
"There would be less teapots displayed, and it is unclear at this time what level of involvement we will have from Mr. Kamm right now,” said Bryan Edwards, the town manager of Sparta, who is also a member of the museum’s board of directors. “It could be minimal, and it’s possible that there would be none."
Museum officials raised about $1.1 million in public money but were unable to raise enough from private donors to build the museum as originally planned. They say that if they lose the teapot collection they would display regional crafts instead.
Kamm could not be reached yesterday for comment.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is about time our politicians and do gooders came to their senses. This was always a crazy idea. What Sparta needs is some industry or development will create jobs so our local children will stay here and contribute to their home town. They have a perfectly good Arts store where local talent show and sell their goods and these artist can hardly get any help or support from their public leaders. Why don't these dogooders support what we already have instead of trying to spend money we don't have for some crazy scheam.

4:04 pm  

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