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Friday, October 20, 2006

Festoon teapots?

Gareth has a pair of teapots and he's interested in their past/history.
Any ideas? Do you know how old they are?
Writing on the bottom of both pots.
RdN - 117962


Blogger Mabena said...

The registration number dates them to 1889

9:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This type of black lustrous glaze is generally known
as ‘Jackfield-type’ after the mid 18th century
Shropshire Pottery said to be the originators of the

Teapots and teakettles with this type of black gloss
glaze with on glaze polychrome enamel decorations was
produced by numerous factories as far apart as Glasgow
and Bristol, many pots were produced in the
Staffordshire area during the late 19th century, and
fist half of the 20th century. This fact makes it
difficult to be certain about the manufacturer unless
they are kind enough to use an identifying factory
The two pots you possess are not necessarily paired,
although the original purchasers may well have taken a
version of the teapot and teakettle in the same
on-glaze decoration. The backstamp “Festoon” is the
pattern name not the manufacturer.

The pots would be worth around perhaps £50 to £60 each
purchased from a trader, although the market is
presently less strong than in recent years in common
with antiques in general.

2:11 pm  
Blogger jackie said...

I have just found a jug with a pewter lid of the same design and same marks and reg. no on the bottom. It would be interesting to find anymore information about it, like who made them, etc

6:44 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have just purchased a teapot as described above with the same Rd No.117962 Festoon Made in England. the second hand shop I bough it from advised it was vintage, possibly dating to around 1914.. if the date of 1889 as advised by Mabena is correct that would be great, would also love to know what pottery was the manufacturer. I purchased mine in my home town of Coffs Harbour in Australia cost me $ 15.00

3:27 am  

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