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Saturday, August 26, 2006

We live with 5,000 teapots!

Photo by Will Sanders
Keith and Sue Blazye
Keith We're both teapot-oriented. We've done thousands of miles all over the world looking for teapots. Our son got married in Barbados last year and we didn't think we'd find a teapot, but we did.
In our old house we had about 2,000 teapots, now we're a smidgen under 5,000. We'd looked at different houses, trying to find somewhere suitable for the collection, and we saw this. It's a peninsular jutting into a Kent river, with just our house and the cafe on it. It used to be called Riverside Diner but we changed the name to Teapot Island When we moved we counted how many teapots we had and calculated how many feet of shelves we'd need...
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Ros Anderson
Saturday August 26, 2006
The Guardian


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Oh well, what a story!

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