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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Goblin Teasmade

The first commercial Goblin teasmade, which bears no model number, was available in two designs in a cream, green or blue finish.
The "Alarm Model" with its synchronous alarm clock cost £5/15/6. It is made of plywood. The clock is a synchronous Goblin Electric Alarm Clock (not manufactured by Smiths as previously believed). The kettle is chrome plated and fitted with a patented element.
A lampshade "of a pleasing and modern design" was included.
It is marked Goblin Electric on the dial just below the twelve, and Made in England on the bottom of the dial.
The name Goblin Electric and "patent app. for" is on the back of the clock. On the underside of the base is the name Goblin and the number 1207.
The example illustrated is complete with original yellow teapot marked Made in England. Incredibly this is in mint condition, with no stains or chips.


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