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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Teapot by Mark Otter

Mark Otter is an Assistant Professor in the Technology and Society Program at Stony Brook.In his personal life, he is deeply interested in the relationship between spirituality and psychology, and enjoys painting and writing poetry about Buddhist psychology.

The pot in which I brew my tea
Is dented and more than a bit tarnished,
But I still enjoy the tea.
The house I live in
Needs a coat of paint and several shingles,
But I sleep well at night.
The body I use to live my life
Is wrinkled and slowing down,
But I am alive and I rejoice.

I am not the body in which I live,
I am the life itself.

Mark Otter


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find myself beginning my web session with your site. It makes me smile, laugh, wonder, and now, thanks to Mark Otter, I can add: rejoice.
You do a wonderful job, thanks a lot

3:47 pm  

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