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Friday, July 06, 2007

Clarice Cliff bonjour

A Clarice Cliff tea for two sized Bonjour Teapot in the "CROCUS" pattern.
16.5cm from the tip of the spout to the back of the handle, 13.5cm from the base to the top of the knop and 6.5cm wide.
The pot was backstamped CROCUS Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Wlkinson Ltd England.
Sold on ebay 5th July 2007 for £500.00


Blogger Unknown said...

Cool website. I just found it and wanted to comment. We have just started our store's website and decided to do it "blog fashion." We are at So, I was searching for similar blogs and found yours. We often have customers ask for teapots now more than ever. I'll direct collectors to your site if that's okay with you.

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