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Thursday, March 01, 2007

£17,000 Vulture

A Minton Majolica teapot, modelled in the shape of a vulture attacking a serpent with a broken glued-on handle, made £17,000 at auction, £16,200 more than its reserve price!
Auctioneer Michael Roberts said: “It was discovered during a routine probate of a house after the owner’s death.
“The handle had broken off and been crudely stuck back on with glue so we never expected it to make that much.
“It was sold to a bidder in the Far East and just goes to show that collectors are prepared to spend a lot of money for pieces they want.
“Out of all the Minton Majolica pieces we have had this one has done the best – despite being damaged.
“I imagine it will be professionally restored now.”
In October 2005 a similar teapot sold on eBay for £31,894.56


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