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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maurice Cooper's collection

Maurice Cooper's passion is teapots, his collection is on display in his Antiques shop Bygone Beautys in Leura Australia
The first teapot he bought was a red enamel one which he picked up at a Lifeline shop for 50 cents.
At that same time he was also operating a stall at Paddy’s Markets every Friday and he met Ron Hooper who owned Glenbrook Cottage Antiques.
Ron had started his own teapot collection and, by the time they joined forces as business partners to begin Bygone Beautys in Leura 20 years ago, he already had 1,600 teapots.
There are now about 4,600 teapots in the collection and he is gettting close to Sue Blazye's world record of 4970 for a private collection!


Blogger Miss F said...

Maurice Cooper is a kindred spirit~

8:46 am  

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