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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dixon Gallery and Gardens

June 12, 2006 -- A part of the Kamm teapot collection called “The Artful Teapot” exhibit has drawn exceptional crowds and delighted viewers on its five-year tour across North America, museum spokesmen say.The exhibit is now in Memphis, Tenn. at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, where the museum’s director says it’s been the talk of the town.
“People in the galleries are talking about it, people are talking about it around town.”The exhibit, includes 250 teapots from Sonny and Gloria Kamm’s thousands of teapots.The items chosen for this exhibit are contemporary art, some commissioned from world renowned artists, and they explore the humble teapot in every imaginable shape, size, material and form.“I think people are kind of taken with the wide range of styles and materials; they’re whimsical, they’re intriguing,” said Jay Kamm. “Every time you turn around something catches the eye, there’s something new to marvel at, the ingenuity and creativity of the artists.”


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