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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Artful Teapot Dixon Memphis

"Orange Pekoe" by Michael Hosaluk
The exhibition opens Sunday and runs until September 24th 2006.
On display are 250 teapots from the more than 6,000 amassed by collectors Gloria and Sonny Kamm, who are no relation to Dixon director Jay Kamm. The show was curated by ceramics authority Garth Clark, who wrote the accompanying catalogue.
The eclectic exhibition, which offers a selection of historical teapots to set a context for the show, consists primarily of objects created by such important contemporary artists as David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein.
Despite the exhibition's contemporary emphasis, said Jay Kamm, "The Artful Teapot" makes a good fit at the Dixon because it "sort of picks up where our Stout Collection of 18th Century porcelain leaves off. It's kind of a takeoff on that."
"The Artful Teapot," said the Dixon director, offers "great stuff, wonderful stuff. The Kamms really challenged artists to take it to the extreme, to push the envelope. Some of it is outlandish and some of it is exquisite. Some are beautiful and some make you laugh."
Read the whole article by Fredric Koeppel


Blogger Miss F said...

w0w, i love that big whimsical oranGe pekoe teapot!!! perfect for a biG tea party where everyone just keeps c0ming back for a 2nd,3rd cup. what fun~

9:51 am  

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