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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Larry Spears teapots, highlight creative décor while remaining solidly functional.
So his efforts are simultaneously beautiful and dutiful.
“It started as a hobby,” said Spears, speaking at his studio near Story in Brown County. “And then it turned into something more.”
Two of Spears’ porcelain efforts will be part of the multi-artist teapot show, “Spouting Off,” opening today at Columbus’ Gallery 423 Washington St.Indianna USA
Local artists are among the more than 20 specialists included in the display, which runs until May 19th.
Spears, a Columbus native, sells works from his Web site, from a display at the Brown County Art Guild and from the 20 shows per year he attends all over the country.
His buyers range from serious collectors to simple tea drinkers looking for a fancy flair before their relaxed sipping. Prices range from $100 to substantially more.


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