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Friday, March 03, 2006

Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Ave.

Villager photo by Elisabeth Robert
Nicky Perry, owner of Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Ave.
“I’m sorry to say this,” Nicky Perry said boldly, “but the tea in this country is…filth. It is horrendous and it doesn’t matter where you go.”
If Perry has anything to do with it, that will change — at least in a small corner of Greenwich Village. In the middle of her small and quiet teashop — Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Ave. — Perry, the owner, is anything but reserved and quiet. With her wild curly blond hair, her excited, animated voice and bold way of expressing herself, she is a strong presence against the porcelain teapots and china that are placed lovingly around the shop. Perry says everything with uninhibited enthusiasm and her eyes widen dramatically as she tells stories about her background in England, her involvement with British pop bands and her passion for introducing Americans to English tea and cuisine.
Full article from the Villager By Karen Kramer


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