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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Julia Welch teapot collector

Julia Welch of Woking, Rycroft,Alberta in Canada displays her tuxedo teapot.
Julia has approximately 385 teapots from all over the world.
depicting various countries, animals, themes and collages. “When I started out in 1997, I had 55 teapots,” said Julia. “I said if I ever get 200 I’ll have lots. I never dreamed it would go that far beyond.”
Her house has cupboards and shelves proudly displaying her collection for all to see. She has teapots in the shape of a rocking horse, Christmas tree, snowmen, Santa and reindeer, rabbits, dogs, ducks, zebras, elephants, dragons, money, man on the moon and fruit. And those are just a few.
Full article from central peace signal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also collect T pots but only the ones with sewing machines on the top. I bet your collection looks fabulous. I hope you get loads more.

8:55 pm  

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