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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hennie Meyer

ONCE again, some homemade teapots by a local artist will be seen at a major international ceramic art exhibition in London next month.
Mr Hennie Meyer, of Durbanville, is a multi-award winning ceramist. Recently he was informed that his work has been selected and will be exhibited at Ceramics Art London 2006. But for Meyer, this is not the first time he participated in the exhibition. Last year, as one of two South African ceramists, he attended the Ceramics Art London 2005 exhibition, where 90 selected artists were exhibiting their work. They were chosen from 320 ceramists from 12 countries.
“I am very glad that I have been chosen again, because Ceramic Art London is the largest and most ambitious ceramics event to have been held in recent years. It is a special occasion, an important opportunity for me to present the very best of my works to the world,” Meyer said.
Original article by PENG LI BAO


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