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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sorapot hit the nail on the head, describing it as “impractical, unwieldy,and lovely!”
So what exactly is a “Sorapot”? Though it might take a second at first to recognize the Sorapot as a teapot, the design is immediately striking — it’s simple yet stylish. “Blending art and science, Sorapot is a futuristic, sleek teapot,” raves Zink, a design magazine.
The beauty of the Sorapot is that it is undeniably still a teapot underneath its modern design. “Sorapot is instantly recognizable as a vessel for making tea,” wrote Roth on, one of the retailers lined up for his creation, “because it is a distillation of what a teapot is —spout, handle, and body.” It is also functional; the glass case comes out to make washing even easier than most one-piece teapots.
The name “Sorapot” comes from a prehistoric plant called the Sorapod, which inspired the shape of the teapot. Later, Roth discovered that “sora” means “sky” in Japanese, which, he admits, “I guess also makes sense, as the tea is suspended in a tube above the surface on which the pot is placed.”
On his Web site,, Roth wrote that the Sorapot “is designed to bring health and balance to the user’s life by accentuating the act of preparing tea, thus encouraging people who drink tea occasionally or not at all to make tea a part of their daily lives.” This mission statement of sort is functionally applied by the clear glass case that the tea leaves are placed in. The tea drinker gets to watch the tea leaves unfurl, and light shining through the Sorapot will produce different twinkling colors based on the color of the tea.


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