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Friday, January 20, 2006

Andrew Guilder says...

Andrew Guilder says..."I hate decorative teapots, to be quite frank what is the point of them?"
"Decorative teapots have no point, they do not serve the purpose that they have been created for - to be filled up with tea and to pour it out.
They are a fancy, pretty looking waste of space, time, effort and should be chucked out onto the junk heap. Who gives a monkey if David Dickinson thinks it's pretty or well worth it! It's pap!
Any one care to comment?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who gives a damn about what he thinks
p s who is he ????????
many of the novelty teapots are quite beautiful and are truely works of art

5:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmpf. Andrew Guilder is pap, too!

Er who is Andrew Guilder?

1:05 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

He's a youth worker in Devon, Exmouth where he was using decorative tea pots as a metaphor to desribe things that looked beautiful but didn't perform the function to which they were named - the actual talk was based on how if Christians just look like Christians (and even lovely ones) but are doing the 'Christian stuff' then they are pointless!

Wouldn't want to offend anyone who likes teapots!

God Bless

8:19 pm  
Blogger Mabena said...

You CAN of course also use decorative teapots ...certainly all mine will function...
By the way Andrew I used to work in Exmouth..lovely town
All good wishes

9:22 pm  

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