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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Grandma, Tea & Me by Sonya Van Sickle

Katie watched her grandma,
With a certain sense of glee.
She'd been asked to stay up late
And have a cup of tea!

Her grandma took the teapot
From the cupboard shelf,
She spooned in tea for Katie
And then some for herself.

Grandma boiled the water
Until the kettle sang.
The water poured, the timer set,
It was ready when it rang!

The china cups on saucers
Clattered gently as she poured,
While Katie sat and watched
Her grandma she adored.

"A little sugar, dear,
And will you have some milk?"
Katie quickly nodded
And the tea went down like silk.

"Shall we have a cookie?"
Grandma's eyes held a twinkle.
"Yes, please," answered Katie
As she spied the ones with sprinkles.

Her grandma held the cookie jar
And waited as she chose;
A butterfly, a star,
A man with a crooked nose.

"Oh which one shall I take?"
Katie asked, a little stumped.
"I'd pick this one," Grandma said,
"He's so nice and plump."

So there sat Katie and Grandma,
Having cookies and their tea.
And Katie said, "What a special time
Just Grandma, tea and me."


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